Google Chrome has a worrying Bug and there is still no solution

Google Chrome has a worrying Bug and there is still no solution

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world and for good reason. While not the lightest browser on the market, the sheer number of extensions make the service appealing to many users.

Google Chrome is also in many devices the default browser. This means that many users simply do not bother installing another application on their smartphone.

Even on the iPhone Google Chrome can surprise. The ease of pairing the browser with that of the computer leaves users (myself included) happy with the solution.

However, it is also a browser that is constantly attacking. Google does thirty a line to keep it secure, however, it’s not always possible to do it on time.

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers but you are not free of bugs

A new Bug starts to bother some users and is of concern to the most naive users. Apparently a bug in “social engineering” causes attackers to take over the advertising places of the websites and display an error image instead of the website.

The message indicates that the service is not available and indicates to contact an email or phone number. All this in order to “solve the problem”. Typically disguised as “Microsoft” or another large company, attackers want to get user data, including bank information. Unfortunately it is not those problems that gives just to close this and continue with life. You will have to restart your browser.

Google Chrome Bug

Please note that the Firefox browser may also be affected by this problem. Google and Firefox are working on a solution, however, such a solution does not yet exist.

If you get a message like this the best you have to do is close Google Chrome and clear cookies and browsing data. It is not guaranteed to solve but it is a possible temporary solution.

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