[Free] 7 Best Substratum Themes for Android 2018 [Download link]

Best Substratum Themes for Android: Substratum…..Substratum…..Substratum! We all know about substratum right? Wait-wait not everyone. So, if you are new into this we will explain to you what is substratum theme. It’s kinda theme but little different cause for this we need root to apply this theme to our android phones. In this post/guide, we will try to explain you everything with the best explanation and good quality of pictures.

Substratum Meaning?

An underlying layer or substance, in particular, a layer of rock or soil beneath the surface of the ground. So, there is an overlay of the custom theme on the default theme with the help of Substratum Theme Engine.

Substratum theme looks really cool after applying on the device because it is not that type of theme which you installed from the play store. What is the difference in the theme which installs from the play store might have some bugs, Ads which is obvious etc. But substratum themes don’t have thou. Substratum theme is pure and fined theme which doesn’t give any bad look like play store themes. Now, I m gonna listing top 7 substratum themes for android phone in 2018.

Best 7 Substratum themes for your Android Device

best substratum themes

Get your fingers ready to press the download button and scroll to all the substratum themes. So, just sit back, relax and enjoy reading the post.

Note:- All the download links are below this list download from there.

1) BalticUI

The most beautiful and simple substratum theme which I like most. There are loads of the themes but this is one of them. I must say you should try this one. just look at toggles and the notification panel.

2) Ice

Again my fav. one, that pure white color with blue pastel makes this theme so tempting to install on your phone. The very light theme does not give pressure to your device at all. Enjoy the theme of its beauty.

3) Pixel UI

Pixel UI the lightweight substratum theme for the android. It looks and works flawlessly on any android device. It gives you the best pixel experience. The very light theme does not give pressure to your device at all.

4) Outline Substratum Theme

Again the light one with its simplicity. Look at the icons made with outlines which looks pretty good in my opinion. You can try out that thou. And device looks clean.

5) FLUX Theme

6) PitchBlack Theme

7) Android O Theme

Download Substratum Theme

Install Substratum Themes on Android Nougat

Till Android Nougat, it is easy to install substratum themes on your android devices. Here are the simples steps that you have to follow:-

  1. Download Substratum Theme Engine
  2. And then download any substratum theme which you like from above.
  3. Open Substratum App and select the substratum file and apply.
  4. Now, you are good to go.

Hope you like this post and if you have any queries you can ask me in the comment section below. 🙂 Will try to answer your question in 24 hours.

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