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Oppo is a Chines electronics consumer firm, famous for its smartphones, blue-ray players and other electronic devices. It was registered in 2001 and launched in China in 2004. The company has registered the Oppo brand name in many parts of the world. 
Oppo is famous and well known for its camera phone brand, mainly targeting for the young generation. Oppo entered in mobile phone market in 2008. If you are one the Oppo mobile phone user, and after using your mobile for a long time, and now facing any unknown and unexpected problems in your mobile, then, you are not need to be worry, rather you need to fix the issue. In this page, I would guide you how you will solve your Oppo android phone issues.

First of all be sure that there is no physical problem with your mobile; these problems may include any physical crack, damages by falling etc. When you are confirmed that there is no physical issue with your mobile. After getting satisfaction over the physical issues, think towards its software or firmware problem. 
These problems may include like mobile starts & restarts automatically, indicates low memory option, doesn’t take the images and snaps, other problems like that. It problems clearly indicate that your mobile needs updates or installation of new firmware files by using Oppo flash file tool.
Now, in spite of installation of Oppo flash tool, if you are facing such problems highlighted in above lines, it possible that you will have installed the old firmware files. That’s why, the issue could not be solved. To eradicate these disturbing issues, download the latest firmware files and install by Oppo flash tool. 
Although, there are several other well known flash tools are available in market, which are famous for their reputation and mobile users are using these tools. I am just saying, and in my opinion, the flash files, downloaded from its official website get more worth and weight in this case.
This fantastic tool will help you installation of latest and updated official flash files for your android smart phone. It is strongly suggested and recommended install always the official firmware files, otherwise you will stuck with a vital problem. The official download link has been shared at the end of the post; you probably would not have seen the download link, scroll down a little and tap the download button to get the official Oppo flash tool.
Amazingly, Oppo flash tool has no compatibility issue with any version of operating system, means, you can install this powerful tool on Mac and Windows operating systems. Unzip the folder saved on desktop computer after downloading and select the setup files by double clicking on the setup files. It will start to run; allow for the installation of the tool, and after some time you will see that your Oppo flash tool have been installed successfully on your computer. Now,
  • Gather all the equipment required to install firmware on your mobile phone
  • Charge your phone battery up to minimum 40%
  • Arrange data cable
  • Connect your mobile phone with the PC, in which you have already installed the Oppo flash tool.
  • Before flashing, take a back up of your precious data otherwise, after successful flashing each and every thing saved in your phone would be deleted completely.
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Oppo flash tool will also help you in taking the backup of your data, tap the backup button on opened windows and it will start creating a copy of the backup. Now, tap the flash button and it will pop up the confirmation regarding installation of new firmware files, allow by pressing permission button.

It will start and restart several times and you wait and after due time or say within ten minutes, your mobile will be flashed with latest Oppo firmware files.
In case of facing any error during installation of firmware or your device, Oppo mobile phone may become unrecognizable over windows or computer. In such a situation, you should restart of your system and enable USB debugging on your phone and then repeat the whole process again.
Right now, follow the link shared below and tap the download link to get the updated Oppo flash tool to install the latest firmware files on your device. In case, if the link does not work or shows download errors or file errors, share your comments in comment section. 


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