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If you don’t know about MiFlashPro software, here’s a short description. This tool will help you to flash and restore your Xiaomi smartphone, you can easily download the required ROM using the software interface, flash from recovery mode without unlocking the bootloader. It will work even if forgot the key lock pattern or fingerprint. In my opinion this is an ultimate tool for flashing and recovering Xiaomi devices.


Download Mi Flash Pro 3.3.518.58

Developed by Xiaomi

Download MiFlashPro

General screen.

MiFlashPro ROM Packages

Download ROMs right from MiFlashPro interface.

Big thanks to Xiaomi for starting the development on Mi Flash Pro, this is a revolution in modifying, flashing and bootloader unlocking. In addition Mi Flash Pro is a universal tool for both MTK and Qualcomm devices. Comes with inbuilt SP FlashTool and Mi Flash software.

In order to use MiFlashPro with it’s full power you must have Mi account.

Here are some interesting features to pay attention to:

  1. Download required firmware ROM right from the MiFlashPro.
  2. Recovery mode flashing without unlocking the bootloader.
  3. Factory reset from Custom ROMs.
  4. Fingerprint reset.

Always check software for updates! In the latest 3.3.518.58 version we’ve got support for more Xiaomi devices.

Download links

Download MiFlashPro Latest Version

MiFlashPro v3.3.518.58 | miflash_pro_en_3.3.518.58_setup.exe

Previous versions

MiFlashPro v3.3.419.57 | miflash_pro_en_3.3.419.57_setup.exe

MiFlashPro v3.3.319.52 | miflash_pro_en_3.3.319.52_setup.exe

MiFlashPro v3.3.305.45 | miflash_pro_en_3.3.305.45_setup.exe

MiFlashPro v3.3.224.42 | miflash_pro_en_3.3.224.42_setup.rar

Qualcomm Drivers | ADBDriverInstaller.exe

MTK Drivers | MTK+Driver+Auto+Installer+v5.1453.exe

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