Download LeWa OS5.1 PURE ROM for Lenovo A706

Download LeWa OS5.1 PURE ROM for Lenovo A706
Download LeWa OS5.1 PURE ROM for Lenovo A706

this ROM is a re-build from old and latest composed and assembled together to create a no bug  and no force close this roms was ported by bamboo dragoon and re-build by me with no customization and also using sir yosef adi’s custom kernel and deodexed and removed un-needed apps by me so enjoy this rom with its full feature.. 🙂 questions? just comment below and dont forget to rate it… thnx
TIPS: if u are in any custom rom and want to flash this but so lazy to make buck-up of ur apps!? no problem ill give you hints, before flashing this rom uninstall first ur gapps mostly the updated ones so you wont get Force Close issue on Gapps.. reboot to CWM just wipe cache and dalvik cache flash this rom twice then reboot system and if the boot-up takes time? remove your battery and turn on again ur phone and BOOM! u are now using this rom with ur downloaded apps 🙂 if still get errors after boot-up? reboot to CWM and flash again rom then reboot and all will be ok 🙂 root access is in the developer options..
see my screen shots the one with black UI is on lucky patcher if u feel like a little bit laggy on the rom try to odex the system app using lucky patcher on tool box option feel the difference. and also on the developer options set the transistions settings like on the screen shoots 🙂 enjoy the rom

dual sim messaging
not working:
i dont know what is not working on this rom
no errors found yet 🙂
auto brightness works well at night.. 🙂

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