Did you receive a message to upgrade to ‘WhatsApp Gold’?

If you have been using the WhatsApp messenger, you may come across a message doing rounds these days asking you to upgrade to the Gold version of WhatsApp.

If you didn’t receive it yet, then you should know that the message “informs” you that the “secret” WhatsApp golden version has been leaked and it was used only by big celebrities until now.

WhatsApp users have been receiving a message, which is purportedly is an invite to upgrade WhatsApp to the Gold version. The message reads as follows:

Hey Finally Secret Whatsapp golden version has been leaked, This version is used only by big celebrities.”Now we can use it too ,WhatsApp Gold Contains many advanced features like WhatsApp Video calling , Delete the messages you sent by mistake , Send more than 100 pics at once ,Free calling ,Change WhatsApp themes and tons of great features. This WhatsApp gold can be activated only Via Invites and I am inviting you. Once you activate this WhatsApp gold , your green icon will change to gold and you can enjoy all features 100% safely. Activate WhatsApp Gold with one click at https://www.goldenversion.com/

Beware! The viral message is a hoax, and WhatsApp has not made any upgrade to the Gold version. On clicking the link, the user is taken to a page, which is currently reflecting a 404 error. This could be a trap of hackers to retrieve users’ personal information.​

In other words, there are high chances that you have just installed a malware on your Android device, which you will need to get rid of as soon as possible. We suggest you to install an antivirus on your Android device, as there are high chances that hackers could access your personal data. It is not the first time when hackers are trying to steal personal information from users by releasing unofficial WhatsApp versions. We suggest you to install and update applications only via Google Play Store, as this is the safest way to keep your mobile device malware-free.


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