CyanHacker ROM for the HTC One M8

ROM for the HTC One M8
ROM for the HTC One M8
CyanHacker is a popular custom ROM that is based on the LiquidSmooth firmware. The ROM focuses on providing stability, speed and lots of new features.

It brings lock screen customizations, OmniSwitch, Slim recents, CyanHacker apps, DPI changer, Halo, Driving mode, Active Display, Heads Up and lock screen notifications.
Notable Features:
  • Status bar customizations
  • Theme engine
  • Viper4Android
  • Battery saver mode
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Tips Before Installing A ROM

You’ll need root access on your HTC One M8 before installing any of the ROMs mentioned below. In order to find out more on rooting, feel free to read our guide. Installing custom ROMs is quite risky and it will void your warranty.
Make sure that you install custom ROMs at your own responsibility. Also, follow these instructions:
  • Charge your HTC One M8 at least 70%.
  • Make sure that you install the ROM that is available for your HTC One M8 variant. If you install a ROM that is for another variant, then you might brick your phone.
  • Backup all the files on your phone as everything will be deleted. You can read our list of the ten best backup apps for Android.
  • Follow all the instructions from the developer properly. You’ll find the developer specific instructions on the XDA thread of the ROM that you’re installing. Make sure you read all the instructions as you might brick your HTC One M8 if the instructions are not properly followed.
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