Custom rom HTC One V

Custom rom HTC One V
Custom rom HTC One V


ROM HTC One V – Rom Android 4.2.2 Pacman

Features ROM:
20.1: [03/03/13]•PA 3.1
•New PA SU app
•Merge of some AOKP lockscreen features (Quick pin unlock, batt percentages, etc)
•Minor PIE updates
 20.0: [02/20/13]•PA 3.00
•Pie updates
•AOKP features added
•Now building with SuperSick Kernel
•MANY, many other changes that Im too lazy to list
 19.9: [02/13/13]•UPDATE TO 4.2.1
•PA 2.99•Pie toolbar
•New PA menu interface (No longer have to reboot)
•AOKP (Yet to be implemented into source)
•New boot text
•Others im sure im missing
 v19.3: [01/17/13]•Refixed Camcorder with Evervolv
•Remove duplicated features: CM volume panel style & CM kill app longpress back, use ROM Control instead
•Built in PAC TWRP theme
•Fixed some permission
•Add an “Automatically Connect” option for WiFi networks
 v19.1a: [01/15/13]•Possible GSM fixes for simcard unlock
 v19a: [01/12/13]•- AOKP Milestone 1
•Remove buggy AOKP Torch Toggle
•Added Circle unlock, New Circle Mod Battery, etc
•SystemUI: Fix/Update Cog Circle battery mod
•Add alpha settings to Circles lockscreen rings
•Disable Vibrate on lockscreen
•Toggles can be hidden(AOKP toggles only)
•Clickable (short & long configurable) Clock and Calendar in the Notification Slider
•- PA 2.55
•Color Engine from PA
•Per app color, latest PA invention, Let’s you define navbar color, navbar glow color, navbar buttons color, and statusbar color on per app basis
•Statusbar and navbar color (Independently from per app color, define default colors)
•Statusbar transparency and navbar transparency are finally back (Navbar transparency is only enabled on launcher)
•A lot of fixes to ParanoidPreferences
•- CM10 Nightlies
•Home Button to unlock
•CM File Explorer Added
•Bring back recovery vibration
 v15: [10/29/12]•Fix Phablet statusbar gap
•Fix Tab UI systembar height
•Remove CM10 Weather
•AOKP JB build 5
•PA 2.2.3
 v14.1:•Build Prop changes (hibernate, hw debug, etc)
•removed Video Editor
•Removed Rom manager
•Removed Es FileManager
•Added CM FileManager
•Update PA scaling
Language support: Multilang
ROM Install :
Connect your HTC One V GSM to PC using USB cable.
Copy downloaded zip file to the SD card of your phone. Important: Don’t extract any file.
Disconnect USB and then turn off your phone.
Boot into recovery mode. To do so, press and hold Volume Down and Power button together to boot into HBOOT menu, from there select Recovery [use volume buttons to scroll and Power button to select].
Perform a Nandroid backup of your existing ROM that you can restore later if this new ROM not work or you want to go back. To perform a backup, select Backup and Restore, then on the next screen, select Backup again. Go back to main recovery menu after backup is complete.
Now, perform data wiping task. To do so, select wipe data/factory reset, then select Yes on next screen to confirm your action. Wait few minutes till the data wipe is complete. Now come back to CWM recovery main menu. Select wipe cache partition and after wiping process done, select Wipe Dalvik Cache under advance option to perform Dalvik cache wiping.
Select install zip from sdcard, then select choose zip from sdcard. Now, locate the file that you copied earlier in Step 2 and select it by pressing Power button. Confirm installation by selecting Yes – Install on the next screen. The ROM installation will begin.
Once the ROM installation process end, repeat the step 7 but choose instead of ROM zip to install the Google apps package.
When installation is completed, go back to the main recovery menu and select reboot system now to reboot the smartphone and boot up into customized Android 4.2.2 ROM Pacman. The first boot will take time, so be patient!
Returning to Previous ROM: To go back to your previous ROM, boot into recovery, select backup and restore then restore your previous ROM by selecting it from the list.
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