Cube U25GT-C4


ROM Tablet Cube U25GT-C4 – ROM Android 4.4.2


ROM Official Cube U25GT-C4 version: U25GT2-C4_V1.08 – rk3188-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H

Gapps include – No Rooted

Language support: Multilang

Install ROM:


1. Open the RKBatchTool Folder and Run RKBatchTool.EXE the Above Window will Appear.

2. Select the Image file from Image Folder

3. Plug the USB Cable in to PC

4. Hold the Volume + Key and Connect the Tablet (Hold it for 10 Sec)

5. You will get the Step 2 Showing above in Picture (A Green Square)

6. Now Click on Step 3 and the Process will start.

7. In 4-5 Min Firmware Update will be Completed

8. Disconnect the Tablet and Power On

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

NOTE : You can’t download pls sent email to [email protected] , i will sent link download for you


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