· December 24, 2014

Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire stock rom/firmware to unbrick your tablet.

Im done uploading the stock rom / firmware for Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire. This tablet has a Action Chip. The tools and firmware are downloadable below. You can also follow my tutorial.


First, Download the Firmware Here
Download Here
Pad Product Tool –> Download Here

After Downloading, extract the files and Install Pad Product Tool 1.05. The driver is already included in the Pad Product Tool, so it will automatically install the driver for your device.

After installing the Pad Product Tool. Launch the Pad Product Tool 1.05. It should be located in your Desktop or Go to START > All Programs > Actions Tools > Pad Product Tool

The first time you launch it it will look for the “.fw” extension. Just look inside the firmware folder, or which folder you extracted the firmware. After loading the file just click on replace button.

Pictures below are example only, but the same procedure.

And then add the system.img, rec.img, system.img. apk.img (see picture for your reference)

It automatically load the files if you extract the .fw and .img in one folder.

And press Down after you connect your tablet in computer. The Down button will be activated after you connect your tablet in the computer. Just a reminder do not exit the PAD Product Tool when it is flashing. This might brick your tablet and rendering it unuseable.

NOTE: When connecting your tablet in your computer press Volume down or Volume up then plug in your usb.
I hope this tutorial will help you solve your problem. If you have any question just leave a comment below.

NOTE: contact via email [email protected] , i will sent link download for you

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