#### CARBON ROM 5.1.1 BASED ####Based on CM ROM …. Same as Stock CM12.1 but CarbonROM Fibers Option in settings will make you delighted as many functions, tweaks there! Camera And Sound Both is Cool… Better Flash Walkman and Install Viper 😘Loaded already with SuperSu… No headache of Having Rooting thing 😉No lag while charging… Or in simple use! But very bit heating that it can be ignored but why should we…as AICP ,Euphoria don’t heat 😚😚😚In beginning,it took 45 minutes to restore 70+ apps from Titanium Backup… But later it worked good 🔥✔SELinux Status is Already PERMISSIVE 😉 so no use of Selinux Mode Change App 😀On AOSP keyboard Gesture typing isn’t working *_* I use G-Keyboard btw 🙂All 5.1.1 Based ROMs have extra features…. But In extra features no one can beat Cyanide L ROM,Remix,AICP etc 😉Charging is Good… Its normal! I.e. fast!2G/3G problem isn’t here! Mobile data works fine! No need to use those codes n blah blah!!I tried 5 Kernels on it….. And→ °Beast R4 uber is out as after rebooting it make touch irresponsive!
°Stock kernel is not cool!
°Xcelerate Kernel R5 ….yea it is giving battery backup of 6:15 approx.
° Beast R4 LP branch …. It’s All rounder…. More smoother giving almost same backup as X and more performance than Above all and belower one 😛
° Carbon Kernel R2 Beta….. It’s another Player with high performance equal to Beast but battery backup is not so good than LP branch and X5 🙂
I ran Antutu Benchmark on all Kernels .. LP> Carbon r2> X5 > Uber > Stock !! (check SS)Now problem in this rom is Nothing :/ Now peepz will ask that should they prefer it over AICP,Flex,Euphoria,Remix etc etc….but I would be speechless as most of roms giving 6 hours sot , they don’t have any lag…! I can’t suggest any Single rom… But this rom is by Dedicated Developers..,it’s worth! But AICP,Remix,CM12.1 these are updating regularly … They are improving day by day! Idk whether Catbon is updated regularly or not! Well if anyone don’t have data problem..try it… Else no need …If your current rom is good ..Giving almost 5:30 – 6:00 hours Sot and u r able to play HD games in your current rom..no need to flash this !! Else it is not buggy 😉 u may try! ★Link For ROM and Kernel → http://en.miui.com/thread-109260-1-1.html Lil convenience for you 😉 ROM→ http://fs1.d-h.st/download/00175/uwi2/CARBON_-UNOFFICIAL-20150510-0155-armani.zipCarbon Kernel R2 Beta→ http://fs1.d-h.st/download/00175/nFTX/Carbon_Kernel_LP_R2_BETA.zipX5 Kernel →http://softlayer-sng.dl.sourceforge.net/project/xceedxcelerate/Armani/Armani-prod-bld11-npr-CM12.1-R5.zipBeast R4 LP→ http://get.xda-developers.com/dl/7/6/0/6/TheBeastL_RC4_LP_Branch.zip?key=mKaNYlOz48B2iVW28YDMFQ&ts=1431262210


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