Asus Flash Tool Latest V1.0.0.45 Free Download For Windows

Good news for Asus Smartphone Users!

Asus smartphone has released recently its latest and updated version V1.0.0.45 or flash tool free download for their Asus users around the world. It is the latest software for flashing Asus devices. including Zenfone and padfone. After downloading and installation, the programme automatically detects the devices connected to the computers and laptops. It displays the serial number. Select the path to the firmware raw file and update your device very easily.

Download and install asus flash tool to;
  •  Flash your mobile
  •  Un-lock Asus smartphones
  •  Update your firmware 
This latest tool is compatible with any version of Windows and Macintosh computers. Install Asus flash tool latest version on your computer or laptop. Connect your Asus mobile phone through USB data cable with computer in which you have already installed Asus flash too. After connecting your mobile with computer via USB data cable, this latest and updated flash tool automatically detects your phone, model, hardware and will tell you all the relevant informations regarding your smartphone. This latest version displays a serial number. You need to select the patch to your firmware raw file and flash or update your device automatically.Asus flash tool is an offline software and you need no internet connection to use this flash tool for flashing your phone/ Don’t hurry up to flash your phone. just wait because some hidden drivers do no upload instantly. Some error may appear on your phone’s screen if you instantly start to flash your smartphone.  
Using procedure of Asus Flash tool:
Follow the following simple steps to use Asus flash tool 
  • For download, go to the link below and click the download link
  • Open Asus Flash tool
  • Connect the mobile with your computer vis usb data cable
  • Asus flash too detects your phone, if not, plug the usb cable.
  • Detects the serial number automatically 
  • Select the model manually
  • Select whether empty user data
  • Cleared wipe data
  • Brows your Auss Raw firmware
  • Turn OFF your device
  • Now, turn On your device by pressing volume up key and power key to enter fastboot mode.
  • Check whether your device is detected, if yes, then press the start button.
  • After pressing start button, flash process will start and complete in a short moment. 
Now go to the link given below and download the latest version of Asus Flash Tool for your android phones. Single click the link and at the same time your download will start automatically after some moments.
For download, please click

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