Apple will increase screen size of new iPad Pro and Apple Watch

Apple will increase screen size of new iPad Pro and Apple Watch

September is approaching strides and as such a new event of presentation of Apple products. It is certain that on this occasion we will know about the new iPhone, but something else can be unveiled. Here the hopes fall on new iPad Pro and new Apple Watch.

Like their future smartphones, these gadgets from Apple have been the victims of rumours. This is something that tells us that, in fact, the Cupertino company will be very close to making us aware of new devices.

However, rumours are rumours and only in the act of your presentation will be undone any doubts. Still, there are sources that give us greater confidence than others and Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the most trusted in this brand.

After he even mentioned that we would see new iPad Pro with biometric Face ID technology, now Kuo gives us more details about these new tablets. In addition to reinforcing this idea, the size of the tablet screen is further advanced.

New iPad Pro and Apple Watch with slight design changes

First of all, reinforce that Face ID will arrive at the new iPad Pro due to reduced margins of the devices. This will mean the abolition of any physical button on the front of the new iPad Pro. Therefore, Apple will choose to reduce the overall size of its larger model. There will be a 12.9-inch screen, which means smaller equipment overall.

As for the smaller model, Apple’s choice will be different. Here the company will maintain the overall dimension of the tablet but will increase its screen to a total of 11 inches.

In the same note, Ming-Chi Kuo advances with new details inherent to the new Apple Watch to be unveiled soon. Here, once again, the American company will increase the size of its screens.

Apple Watch

Indeed, Kuo predicts that we will get to know new models with screens of 1.57 inches and 1.78 inches. For comparison purposes, the current models have 1.31 and 1.54-inch displays.

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However, the company’s new smartwatches will also not increase their overall physical size. This can be justified with a reduction of margins, giving the user more usable space in the same structure.

Finally, Kuo further reinforces that the AirPower wireless charger should start production in time to reach the market along with the new iPhone for 2018.

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