[Android App] Pepsi launched #PepsiMoji Keyboard

Emoji have become a part of everyday conversation. While sarcasm and other emotions are better conveyed through the spoken word, emoji seem to be doing a good job in getting the message across otherwise. In an attempt to get users to express themselves through feelings, Pepsi has launched an Android and iOS keyboard that lets people communicate via emoji.

With the app downloaded from the AppStore or the Play Store installed, the first step is to enable it. While it usually involves fiddling with the language and input settings on your device, tapping on the app icon simplifies things. The app opens to show the words “Get Started” displayed in bold, friendly letters, which upon tapping redirects to the page from where the keyboard can be selected. The next time the words “Select Keyboard” appear, tapping which allows users to select the new keyboard.

he app is just like a lot of the other emoji keyboards that have been appearing in the market, except of course this has the Pepsi branding all over it. Well, some of them have subtle branding, but of course when you’re downloading something called #PepsiMoji, you probably know what you’re in for. Once you’ve installed the app, you will be able to copy paste the emojis onto any app that allows image pasting, like Hangouts ,WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

There are just 35 emojis inside the app, but not all of them are just logos of the soda brand of course. You have designs that give off the summer vibe, with sunglasses and BBQs, as well as some sports emojis as well, like football, cricket, surfing. We don’t know yet if more emojis will be added, but we hope so, since 35 seems to be too few for an emoji keyboard app.

The #SayItWithPepsi campaign has actually been launched in Australia, Russia, Canda, and Thailand, with other countries probably following suit. The #Pepsimoji app is available for free from the Google Play Store, with in-app purchases available.


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