Android 8.1 Based Lineage OS For Lenovo A6000/+

Finally after a long time Android 8.1 is now available for Lenovo A6000 and A6000 Plus. Harshit was working on it for almost one and half a months and finally he gave almost stable and working Android 8.1 in the form of Lineage OS. The main thing here to notice is that developer Harshit decided to move to 64Bit arch for Android 8.1 because camera was causing some issues on 32BIT arch.

So this is LineageOS 15.1 based on Android 8.1. Lineage OS 15.1 is also a work in progress so everything in this ROM is not perfect, you will find that some minor features will not work, but its totally neglible because they won’t cause any issue for while using.

As of now there there are no bugs in this rom, everything seems to work fine. You can also use it as daily driver. I am repeating again its a 64BIT ROM.

I am providing here instructions on how to flash it , there is a little thing you have to do before flashing. Actually you have to flash the latest TWRP in order to flash this ROM without any errors. So before flashing update your TWRP to latest version. You can download it from download links I am giving below.

Lets take a look at screenshots first.

Info : ARM64 | Oreo 8.1 | F2FS Support

Download Link : Download ROM

Download Link : Download TWRP

Download Link : Gapps For 8.1/64BIT

By : Harshit Jain (DevHarsh1998)

How To Flash

1. Download The ROM/Gapps in internal storage or External SD card as you like.

2. Reboot to Recovery. (Use TWRP , link is given above)

3. Make a backup of Current ROM (optional but recommended).

4. Wipe Data/Cache/System/Dalvik Cache.

5. Click Install and Select the ROM you downloaded and Slide the bottom bar to start flashing.

6. Flash Gapps.

7. Flash SuperSu or Magisk.

9. Reboot.

9. Well now you can enjoy your new ROM .

If you face any error while flashing you can ask here ,but if face any bugs then submit the logs of problem on the XDA thread of this ROM. You can ask for help in the A6000/+ Discussion and Development Group on telegram.

NOTE: contact via email [email protected] , i will sent link download for you

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