-I want to make a backup before insertion.

-Copy the archive on the memory card.

– We are re-loaded into custom recovery.

-with all wipe-Dalvik / ART Cache-System-Cache-Data.

-Write ZIP with firmware …

-The first download is a long-minute 5.

About Firmware

-Monthly optimized for power consumption

-Shown off stock launcher. The firmware is based on Nova products.

-Added support for connecting the phone to the computer in Drive mode.

-Added, I liked the camera-FootejCamera.

-Spatched system files by sound and built-in ViperFX.

-Collected huge white, non-color-changing network type indicators (G, E, 3G, 4G) from the bar status (forever).

-I changed the logo.

-Changed butanimation.

-Changed the background of the curtain and the animation of the battery.

-Added brightness in the camera (ATP kiss …)


-load immediately into ru-ru localization.

– The mode of multiplicity (to include in the settings for developers).

-Added an opportunity to set my melody for every SIM.

-Removed native keyboard, sewed SwiftKey Keyboard with themes.

-Zvonilka with the Russian alphabet.

-Written immediately high brightness of the camera.

Almost complete Translation of the settings menu:

– Battery saving mode.


-Settings-Smart Assistant.


-Settings-Security-Permissions Manager.

-Managed in the shutdown menu of the phone-reboot, etc. (all you will not remember: D)

-Managed the Engineering menu.

Few built in their applications.

-I built a pair of players and something else …

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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