Torque Ego Surf S firmware/stock rom to unbrick your phone

Hi all,

This firmware is for Torque Ego Surf S. I haven’t tested it yet. I backed up this firmware on a fully working device. 

You can try if you want. Try this firmware on your soft brick phone only.

“If you are having hard time to download at DevHost make sure that you click on Download NOW”

ResearchDownload –> DOWNLOAD HERE
Firmware –> Torque Ego Surf S

“Extract to your desired folders” 


I suggest to use Windows with 32bit system for driver compatibility.

TO fully flash your phone.
1. Open Researchdownload
2. Load packet and look for file the .pac file.(first button in ResearchDownload). Pac file is the firmware that you downloaded.
3. Wait until the Pac file has been loaded, the Researchdownload may freeze its ok just wait for it to load the pac file.
4.  Press the Play button to continue flashing.
When connecting your phone in the PC after you press the Play button in Research Download, press and hold either VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN, or you can press VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN simultaneously.

5. Just wait for it to show pass in ResearchDownload. Your phone will automatically reboot. And just wait for it. It may take 3 minutes to fully boot the system.

I hope this tutorial help you recover your phone 🙂

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