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ROM LENOVO A800 – ROM Android 4.0.4 2013-01-01
Model name: Lenovo A800
Andrews version: 4.0
ROM Author: Stone
ROM version number: ydss_shitou_Lenovo A800_S133_121213
Based on the official version: Lenovo A800_S133_121213
Featured ROM:
1, this package for the the A800 latest OTA version s133 version conversion modification
2 is compatible with the Chinese the rec brush into.
3, in order to ensure stability. Join root. Slightly streamlined brushing friends can streamline
install rom :
The first step: brush into the mobile uncle Chinese recovery.
Step 2: Download this card brush ROM copied to the external SD card root directory
Step 3: shutdown state, data cable, one end of the phone, one end of the port of the computer. While holding down:
Power button + volume + volume keys (3 keys with the press) to enter the recovery Brush mode, first rec clear the user data and cache, and then enter the card brush
Options Brush can.
Step 4: Brush complete, restart the phone
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