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Pokemon GO: Fix Pokemon is not Showing Up

Today, I have received many questions from the Pokemon GO players via the contact us option. All of them say that once they’ve launched the game there wasn’t any Pokemon showing up. So, check this guide if you really want to fix the Pokemon is not showing up problem on Pokemon GO.

How to Fix Pokemon is not Showing Up on Pokemon GO

  • At first, you need to complete a simple operation as it can be a problem with your phone. So, you need to turn it off for a few seconds.
  • Make sure your internet connection is enough stable because if you have a bad/unstable internet connection then GPS which is also known as Location will not wrk properly on your phone.
  • On the bottom screen of your phone, there is a white bar tap on it. Once, the white bar will be displayed you will see the Pokemon distance with different steps signs.

3 step sign means that Pokemon is very far from your current location.
2 step sign means that Pokemon is little bit far from you.
1 step sign means that Pokemon is near you approx 20-30 meters.
No sign means that Pokemon must be around you.

That’s it; Now you’ve learned how to fix Pokemon is not Showing Up on Pokemon GO. If you want to ask us do not hesitate to use the comments field.


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