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Isaimini – Watch Tamil Movies Online for Free: Watching movies on our T.V are a very fun task and a very great stress buster. Sometimes when we come back home after a doing a heavy job and want to watch the specific movie which is our favorite but found that movie is not available on T.V so only thing comes first in our mind is to use any online movie streaming sites to watch the movies or download that movie from any torrent like 1337x, etc. Streaming movies online are very much comfortable and less time consuming as compared to downloading. If you are Tamil movie lover then you know that there are tons of website on the internet claiming that they stream movies but hardly any of them actually work.

So, here we are introducing Isaimini in front of you which will help you to stream your online Tamil movies for free and in very good quality. Most of you may be heard about this site for the first time but believe me, this site is very good for streaming Tamil movies in HD. You can not only watch online Tamil movies for free but also you can download them so whenever you are offline you can watch that movie without any issue. This site not only use for streaming movies or downloading them but you can listen to the latest Tamil mp3 too.


Overview of Isaimini

You can use visit the The design of this site is very simple, nothing fancy you won’t face any issue while browsing this site. There is the section of upcoming movies where they list the movies which they gonna upload it in future. There is a section of latest update where they list all the website which they have uploaded recently. If you scroll down a little then you find the section of Downloads Menu where they have different menus like Tamil Songs, Tamil Wallpapers, Tamil Ringtones, etc. If you scroll down a little more you will find the Extra Menu where you can request your files like if you want to them to upload any particular movies then you can request them there.

Features of Isaimini

  • You can watch any Tamil movies for free
  • You can download the free latest mp3.
  • This site gets updated every day so if there is any release of new Tamil movies then you can get it the next day (most of the time).
  • The site has a very simple theme which makes it easier for users to understand it’s interference.
  • You can stream as well as download the movie.
  • There is a different category so you can follow any of them according to your needs.

Isaimini Safe?

Isaimini is basically a free site which allows you to watch your desired Tamil movies, tv shows, mp3, etc. But as this site goes against piracy so this sites some gets down or even get blocked by the government. We don’t support piracy, we highly recommend you to watch movies at theatre but sometime it is okay to watch old tamil movies here.

Sometime Isaimini doesn’t work because a site like these gets ban very easily and quickly so, there is always any backup to watch movies. So here we are also listing some Isaimini Alternatives.

Top 5 Isaimini Alternative sites

1) Popcorn Time

Popcorn is also the very good movies streaming site which is available in 44 languages. This site provides the application which you can download in your windows PC. It is a lot similar to Netflix just download the Popcorn time application in your windows PC(You can also download the beta version) > Open> Select your desired movie> Choose the quality and subtitles> Enjoy.


Xfinity is the very good alternative of Isaimini and the best part is that it has the wide collection of TV shows and movies. You can also download movies from this site so you can watch them offline. Not only it have a wide collection of online movies and tv show but also it supports live tv which is a plus point of Xfinity. You can use it whenever you are traveling or whenever you feel bored.

3) TVMuse

TVMuse is a kind of search of TV movies and shows as it allows you to search the movies and tv show and it will search in its database and show the result in front of you. Rarely it’s search engine upset you, most of the time users get what they searched for. The interference of this website is very simple so you can easily understand the layout of the site. It has a different category for their users.

4) Sidereel

This site is very unique as this site will let viewers chat with each other which no other sites offer and this is what makes it different from other sites. There is different category available in this site like it will show you the shows or movies which are trending and also it shows the most popular shows and movies which were trending yesterday so, you get to know about the current trend.

5) Pluto TV

Pluto TV allows you to free stream over 75 channels it. There is a different genre available in this TV like News, Gaming and technology, Movies, Shows, etc. The best part is that it is available for all the platforms of a device such as MAC, Windows PC or Laptop, Android, iOS. It has some very good reviews from sites such as The Verge, Vice, etc.

Last Words

Isaimini is very good movie site to watch online Tamil movies, listing to the Tamil MP3, Downloading Wallpaper. You can not only here watch here but also you can download them so you can watch whenever you have free time. This site has a lot of categories which helps viewers to understand the site even more better.

Here we also shared the information regarding Isaimini and we hope we cleared your all doubts. Also, along with it, we have discussed here it’s features, safety, and some alternatives to Isaimini.

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