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Identity ESP E201K Hard Reset Stock ROM



Another rare tablet has landed in my workspace and this is the Identity ESP E201K. I think this is a Korean tablet because of the Korean letters that are written in the screen when you are flashing the phone.

Download the Firmware
E201K – First ROM
E201K – Final ROM
*Extract the file in your desired folder*

Flashing the ROM
1. You need to extract the First ROM that you have downloaded in your sdcard. Just put it in the root of your sdcard no folder needed.
2. Power Off your tablet and insert the SD Card in your tablet
3. Power on the tablet. It will display a Korean Letter with blue background. It will restart several times (4 times) before displaying the android logo. When you see the the android logo it is done flashing the first ROM or firmware.
4. Extract the final ROM in your sdcard. Just put it again in the root folder of your sdcard. And insert again in your tablet.
5. Press the Reboot putton near the HDMI cable. You can press it with needle.
6. Again when it power up you will see Korean letter with blue background and wait for it to finish flashing. When it is done it will reboot into normal state.


Pictures for reference

 When you are flashing your phone this will appear.

 When you are done flashing the first ROM

When you are done flashing the final ROM

I hope that you find this post useful.


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