How to Check Whether Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Is Original or Clone/Fake

Many people are trying to make their customer fool by giving them fake and high-class clones of Samsung phones against the price of original one which come out of factory.

To avoid any fraud while visiting the market to buy a handsome cell, of course, you should note some techniques for checking the phone you are buying is original or fake or refurbished. We should also focus on the term ‘refurbished.’ So many people try to cheat by offering ‘refurbished’ or ‘remanufactured’ phones. If you love to save a little money by considering a refurbished phone right for you, that’s not bad. But when you pay full amount and get a refurbished model, it is not fair and of course we should take action against it.
Here, we are sharing some tips you can use to check your Samsung Galaxy phone is original or clone. We cannot save everyone but these tips certainly help.

How to Check Whether Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Is Original or Clone/Fake

Antutu Officer: This is most preferred method to check the phone’s originality for me and I recommend it you too. AnTuTu is a trusty platform for bringing interesting stories of Samsung devices and we love that. Read on how to use AnTuTu for checking whether the phone is real or fake.
Requirements: Your Samsung phone/tablet and a computer or another device connected to an internet connection.

Step 1: Download and install the AnTuTu Officer application from the app store on your Samsung phone.
Step 2: Fire up the installed application.

Step 3: If the app requires any update, install the update, otherwise skip this step. After updating the app, you may get a screen saying you to replace the existing version of app with updated version, agree with it and replace the older version of app.

Step 4: Launch the AnTuTu officer app and hit ‘start’ button. It will launch the camera application along with a QR code scanner.

Step 5: On your computer or another device, go to following page:

Step 6: Now simply scan the QR code from your phone shown on webpage and wait until it bring result. If your phone is original, the app will make you happy by bringing message saying “Good”. If your Samsung’s device is clone/fake, you will receive message “high copy” or similar to this.

That’s it. It is an easy way to confirm your phone is original or not. I personally trust on this method a lot.

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