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Create custom IMEI – File APK

DESCRIPTION Create custom IMEI – File APK Having invalid IMEI? Here the app to fix that.! Do you want to spoof your app? App that that checks you IMEI? Here you can spoof it. ! Just easily install the app, the grant root permission, then click generate new IMEI then apply custom IMEI. After the […]

Spreadtrum Tools – ROM Version: Spreadtrum

DESCRIPTION NEW TOOLS NPI_TOOLS.W16.02 1. RESEARCHDOWNLOAD_R17.0.0001 2. CFT_R17.0.0001 3. CheckX_R17.0.0001 4. ConnectivityTest R17.0.0001 5. Pandora_R17.0.0001 6. SPRD_NPI_USBDriver_1.4 7. SP_BBAutoTester_R17.0.0001 8. UPGRADEDOWNLOAD_R17.0.0001 9. WRITEIMEI_R17.0.0001 Download Here

Huawei All Model Firmware Finder Tools

Huawei All Model Firmware Finder Tools ——————————————————— System Requirements Windows Vista SP1+ .Net Framework 4.5.2 Dial-Up Connection​ Capabilities PC version Search firmware for different ranges Search firmware in common database Proxy server for sending firmware to smartphone Built-in firmware loader ​ Capabilities Android version Search for firmware in a common database. Downloading, when using a multi-threaded […]