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Disable Text Message Preview on Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

In the latest stock messaging application of Galaxy S7 there is an option which display a text message preview of any new message. User will see a popup that display the contents of the text message briefly, and a ticker on the status bar. It also displayed the message when your phone is locked, which can lead to privacy issues when you are not around.

Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge Text Messages Preview

However, the process to disable text message previews on your Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge is not that difficult.

  • Open the stock Messages app of your Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge.
  • On the action bar there is a three dot menu button, tap on it and then tap on Settings.
  • Now tap on Notifications.
  • Here you will see options to disable notifications completely.
  • ‘disable pop-ups’ and ‘message previews’ are the two options from which you can choose to disable both or any one of them its up to you.

That’s how easy it is to disable text message previews on your Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge.


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