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Board ID Inet 86vz rev03 firmware to unbrick your tablet

This firmware is for BOARD ID Inet 86vz rev03. This tablet usually have a A13 cpu or chip. Already tried this firmware and it is working well. Back Camera, Front Camera, Sensors, Wifi all is working. If something is not working in your tablet then maybe it is not supported in this firmware. So just try another firmware  😉

Phoenixsuit –>Download Phoenixsuit Here
Firmware –> Board ID Inet 86vz rev03 Part 1
Firmware –> Board ID Inet 86vz rev03 Part 2
Firmware –> Board ID Inet 86vz rev03 Part 3

“You can use file joiner or 7zip to extract the file”

For tutorial on how to flash your tablet, when you download phoenixsuit. The tutorial is in there. Credits to AndroidXDA for the tutorial. I can’t write a tutorial as of the moment because I do not have a tablet to flash.


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