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[AICP ROM (20150615 build) 5.1.1 Based] [Review]

∆∆∆∆ AICP ROM (20150615 build number) Latest! ∆∆∆∆

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#That botttom part problem in keyboards in this ROM is solved to……… Nopes its not :3 You have to use swift keyboard or other keyboards but i still like Google only… This made flashing other rom :/ 😛

#Fast booting and Smooth multitasking is well-known feature of this rom … Now it’s loaded with more features like slim things, charging animations and all …as u will find in Aicp extras ! 😉 

#Phone isn’t heating while using phone in plugged charger but charging speed… It’s better than slim saber rom but seriously it’s saying to take 10 hours to charge full … right now percent is 27% u can guess 😛

#No lags while using phone in charging or not charging 😉

#Battery drain after rebooting….nah it’s not!

#Standby drain is zero with stock kernel….performance is also nice …but problem is with Video recording …it’s going Black and Bright…. Ufff! irritating? …yea of course it is!

#Beast R5 or R6 solved Black thing but pumping in Video recording still there!! :3

#X9 kernel…. Same problem like with Beast but A fast and battery performer !! (Check SSS)

#Carbon R4 beta… Same video recording thing problem!! Battery backup is nice with this kernel! 

Overall a good rom…. With the bugs which is in almost every L rom i.e. video and its unique bug..Bottom touch Shi&#% problem 😀 ♥ 

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